A multi-disciplinary art project
Melbourne, Australia
13-20 July, 2020

REAL HOLIDAYS TRAVEL AGENCY Pty Ltd explore and critique representations of island destinations and the impact of the tourist gaze on perceptions about islands and their people. This exhibition brings together two series of artworks Kareen created between 2014 and 2020 and invites viewers to switch between tourist and local views of one of the most heavily marketed products in the world – idyllic island holidays.
Kareen takes the position of a travel agent keen to share the disjunction between what the tourists see and what locals see. The very mediums and symbols of tourism marketing are used to subvert popular ideas of the pristine, peaceful, island paradise

The exhibition takes the form of large street posters, a video, as well as typical souvenir products such as post-cards, tea-towels, scarves and stickers.

The street exhibition was displayed on the corner of Smith Street and Sakville Street in Collingwood, Melbourne.

4 x MEGA – each @ 294.3  x 237.8 cm high
5 x DA0 – 1682mm wide x 1189mm high
6 x A0 - 841mm wide x 1189mm high

Video 32.10 second loop with audio
Postcards 4 types (105mm X 148mm)
Tea towel – Welcome Drink (50 x 69 cm) Scarfs (50 x 50 cm) Stickers


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